Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time for holidays

Hello Dear Readers,
I am delighted because I am writing on the airplane. Time for Holidays in my hometown. I'll be there in Spain for a week. During this summer breaktime I will try to swatch many makeup products, under the sunlight, on the beach.
Also, I would like to take special pictures from places that still lingered in my mind, family's vintage treasures and lovely summer outfits. Come with me on my beautiful trip!
Flying reminds me of those Wonderful Years, that's why I am going to post some pictures about vintage airlines. In my opinion, those air hostesses looked better than nowadays. I utterly love their uniforms, they were so feminine, with sweet makeup and hairstyles.
On my trip, I am looking at one of them, Oh my god! I would like to take her a picture, but it would be a little bit rude if she noticed :). She tried to make herself a 50's look...FAILED attemp!:huge and bad quality false lashes, too blush, straight ponytail with something that seems a rockabilly hair rolls attempt, and the worst thing shimmering/glittering eyeshadow and lipstick!. Yes, glitters for a 50's look! Can you believe it? It's awful! I can't keep from looking at her! :D
I am almost landing...Enjoy the pics!


  1. -¡Niño! ¡Ponte una de chanquetes y un salpicaíto moreno!Y traeté una copita de barbadillo.



    1. jajajaja Be-Bopqueron me ha gustado, ya nos hemos estrenado con el salpicaito!;)

  2. Glitters...hmm, sounds interesting :-)
    Wish you some relaxing days in the sun!

    1. Haha it was a pity , i could not take a picture!
      Thank you so much!

  3. hello sweety=))) u have amazin fashion blog=))) so ive add u for dis award:

    have a lovely week dear=)) xx

  4. Thanks a million Darling! I am very delighted :)
    Nice things on my holidays
    Lorena Be-Bop

  5. Hello, hello! Las fotos son maravillosas. ¡Y la música también!

    Te pongo en mis enlaces, si no te importa (supongo que no).

    Sweet greetings from Spain

    1. Gracias Belane! estoy encantada de estar en tu lista.
      No he podido aún unirme como fan a tu blog, pero como lo visito menudo, estaré pendiente:)

  6. ¿No? Estuve revisando lo de los gadgets. Incluso me hice fan yo para probar (luego me quité) y funcionaba. No sé qué pasará...¡Pero gracias de todas formas!