Monday, July 30, 2012

Vintage query: Porcelain Skin

Hello readers,
Meg Eileen Carroll, asked me if I had a recommendation for porcelain skin. She wanted to know about a pale foundation that created a vintage look.
Meg, I am going to write about several options, low cost and high quality cosmetics. I recommend you if you can afford it, to buy a good one, but it will be your personal choice:)

Well, my current foundation shade is MAC Matchmaster 1.5 . It is a matte foundation and lighter than the famous MAC Studio Fix. I love it. As you can see ,there is a paler shade: MAC Matchmaster 1.0. It may be a good option for you.
If you are looking for a matte full-coverage foundation, you will choose MAC Studio Fix. Its application could be a little bit difficult, it dries quickly therefore make sure to kind of work in sections, making sure that each area is blended well before moving onto the next. My shade is MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW20 or NW25.
As you have seen on the MAC website, there are two types of Studio Fix Fluid: NW and NC.
NC means 'Neutral Cool' which is for people who have yellow undertones in their skin. Like somebody who is olive, golden beige color skin.
NW means 'Neutral Warm' which is for people who have red/pink undertones in their skin. Like somebody who is pink beige color. 
How do you know? Well the best way is testing it on the bottom on your cheek, past your jawline. There is a famous trick, but it is not a fixed rule: If your body veins are bluish, you will use a NW foundation but if they are greenish, you will use a NC foundation.
The palest shade is MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15 or NW 15. Another option for you.
If you would like to get a paler foundation, you can buy a white one and use it as modulator even with your current foundation, blend them well. In my opinion this is the best way to get your desired shade. Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 1 may be a perfect option for you.
I don't recommend you to use it as a foundation, because you shouldn't makeup your face whiter than your body. It wouldn't suit you.
If you set the foundation with HD loose powder, it would be an extra whiteness touch on your face. Makeup Forever has kind of become famous for its HD line.
They are wonderful, because set the foundation and matify the skin without changing its natural contours. I love to use them to set the concealer, but there is a drawback, they shine under the camera flash. Don't use them for a special event, like a wedding.
After my foundation, I use Too Faced Primed&Poreless that gives my skin a very smooth vintage looking complexion. It's a super fine texture. 
An expensive option can be NARS Loose Powder in Snow shade. It can be too much money, but it will be a good purchase, given that it contains a lot of product.
You can use both of them for pics, no problem with flashes.
I love using Revlon ColorStay Foundation.It's an oil-free product that will give your skin a fresh look. I use SAND BEIGE shade. It is a MAC NW/NC 20/25 dupe because its undertone is neutral. You could choose between two shades that are paler than mine. The IVORY shade is the palest one.
I recommend you as well, CatricePrime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder, to set your foundation and/or concealer (don't use them if you are gonna take pics, because they are HD powder). 
Some people apply talcum powder on their face, because it's a cheap choice to give a whiteness touch on their skin. Please don't do that, talcum powder will dry out your skin, and it doesn't look smooth and soft. It's a bad tip. You have a lot of specific makeup products:)

Low Cost: Revlon ColorStay + Catrice Prime and Translucent Loose Powder
High Quality: MAC Matchmaster + NARS Loose Powder
Or you can buy a white foundation (Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 1) and use it as a modulator with your current one. NARS Loose Powder or Too Faced Prime&Poreless are expensive, but very good investment, in my opinion.
I hope, I have been able to help you with your right shade :)
Lorena Be-Bop


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  2. Oh thank you so much. This has been extremely helpful. And I can't believe you wrote a whole post! :D

    1. Hello! Glad to hear from you:) It was a pleasure, if you want to know anything else, just let me know:)