Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

A couple of months ago, I went to the pictures and watched a lovely movie: Moonrise Kingdom. 
In brief, it sets on a British Island in the summer of 1965 and tells the romance of two teenagers who make a secret pact and flee from their home into the forest.
Today, I was walking down a beautiful Irish landscape that it reminded me of this movie. To finish, I'll show you my personal 'moonrise' pictures :)
This place is called 'Lough Dan' and it is near County Wicklow in Ireland. It is not a very touristic point, given that its access is a little bit rough, but it's worth to go there, and if the weather is good, to have a bath. If you would like to visit it, check out these links.


  1. Oh! Ahí habías stado! Es precioso! No habia monstruo en ese lago?jeje yo me hubiera mojado los pinreles :LOL:

    1. je,je no se, pero el agua estaba muy fría, un amigo si que se bañó..pero a mi no me entraron ganas, sobre todo porque en las fotos ves sol, pero a los 10 min se puso a llover a mares