Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vintage Queries

Dear Readers, 
Do you have any Vintage Query? Would you like to know what it is your best makeup, outfit or hairstyle? Do you want to make me any suggestion/request for the blog or find out about anything? 
Please, feel free to ask me whatever you want (in English or Spanish) and then I'll try to help you, writing a special post for you in this section. 
-You can send me your queries:
-On the blog: On the right contact form 'Vintage Queries'
Make sure you let me know your name or nickname, email and whether you have a blog or not, so everybody can visit you, because I will mention it in my post for you:) 
Looking forward to hearing from you :) 

Lorena Be-Bop


  1. Yo tengo una pregunta. ¿Para cuando los meteoritos? Jeje. Los kieres.Los necesitas.Ve hacia la luz,carolanne...

    1. okay...jajaja