Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

The time has come to 'Blog award'. Susan gave it to me last few days. That is something I am very pleased with, so I wish to thank her very much for the nomination.
I have been taking a look and this is my list of blogs in alphabetical order. It's a hard decision because I do love all of them... I have chosen 15 vintage blogs. My nominees are:
And now, seven things about me:
1. I love Spanish, Italian and Indian food, in this order.
2. I dye my hair black. This colour is a little bit darker than my natural hair, but I do it because I have already gray hairs and I hate them!:)

3. I always loved to makeup myself since I was a child...If I had known all the tools, I would have been thrilled. I used to makeup my eyes using horrible eye-shadow sponge brushes...Now I am collecting makeup brushes:)
4) I can't put up with someone is drinking water from a water bottle. That makes me feel sick. I always use a glass. I took a dislike to it.
5) I miss Spain a lot! I am looking forward to going over there on holidays!. My hometown is so sunny, the weather is so awful here...
6) I always forget things easily when I've bought them. I am a terrific shopaholic. So it's a surprise when I open my closet he,he.
7) I'm planning to get married next year in Las Vegas! Yahoo!:D
With love,
Lorena Be-Bop


  1. :cry:

    pobre de mi olvidada y ninguneada como la Tina de las Grecas...

  2. Thank you very much, pretty!!! <3 I'm very excited. I'm sorry for answer you so late ... :(


  3. Nice blog¡¡¡ I will follow you..

    1. Welcome!!! Glad to hear that! Yours is lovely too:)