Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dos gardenias

Two Gardenias for you 
With these I mean to say: 
I love you, I adore you, my life 
Look after them because 
They are your heart and mine. 

Two Gardenias for you 
With all the warmth of a kiss 
Like those I gave to you 
Kisses that you will never know 
In the embrace of another. 

They will live beside you 
And talk to you as I do 
And you will even believe 
that you hear them say: I love you. 
But if one late evening 
The Gardenias should die 
It´s because they know 
That you have betrayed me 
And that you love another.

I took next picture in Spain. My mum has a beautiful garden over there. 'Dos Gardenias' was made famous by Antonio Machin many years ago, and my skin turns to goosebumps when I am writing this, the light of nostalgia and memories of a lifetime when I was a child and my dad sang to me that song, among others like 'Angelitos Negros'. He loves Antonio Machin :)

Antonio Machín was a Cuban singer and musician. His father was a Spanish emigrant and his mother was from Cuba. He grew up in a very poor family, despite of the fact he had 15 brothers, several died at early ages. Machin, worked as a bricklayer from 17 to 22. One day, he was singing in the street and a priest heard him and encouraged him to sing at a party. From that day Machín became a singer. Machín's ambition was to sing opera, but this was difficult for a poor coloured Cuban at the beginning of the 20th century. Thus, he focused on singing popular music.
He was a musical globetrotter, travelling all around the world: From United States to France until the WWII. Then, he went to Barcelona, Spain, where perfomanced in a lot of music halls using the maracas. He was buried at Seville, Spain.
His maracas were alive and kicking for 40 years and Be-Bop Lashes is remembering them today:)


  1. Qué bonitas las gardenias... Y Antonio Machín, qué nostalgia. De jovencita tenía una cinta de cassette de él que la tenía "quemada". Me gustaba mucho.

    Qué original y lindo post.

    1. Primero eché la foto, y luego pensé, ¿porqué no dedicarle un post al gran Machín?
      Me alegro que te gustara, menos mal que ahora tenemos Youtube, que no se quema jejeje aunque le quita el saborcillo de escuchar canciones sobre todo de vinilos

  2. Original,lindo y adorable...como tu! Sigue asi bonita! Q tu blog cada dia me gusta más ;)

  3. My grandmother loved Antonio Machín as well. Beautiful song and beautiful flowers!

    1. He was a great singer. I think our grandmothers used to listen to his songs while they were doing their houseworks. Machin's voice was in all the Spanish radios:)

  4. Muy original, yo pensaba que era de pintureo y...Lo malo es que ahora se me ha pegado la canción, maldita sea... :okay:

    1. Je, je hay que repartir, que sino seria solo un blog de maquillaje y no Be-Bop ;)
      Hoy has cenado y mañana desayunaras con Machin también jajaja porque pegadiza es un rato

  5. Me gusta mucho la canción.


    1. Gracias ro! Es muy bonita y tiene mucho sentimiento
      Un beso