Saturday, August 25, 2012

Congrats Imelda!

The Irish singer, Imelda May has become a mummy for the first time today :)

A big congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby, Violet!

ROCK-A-BILLY star Imelda May, is now the proud mother of a baby girl, she revealed last night.

Earlier this year, the Liberties belle announced she was expecting her first child with guitarist husband Darrel Higham.

Yesterday afternoon, the 38-year-old informed fans via her Twitter page she had given birth to a daughter.

"Darrel and I are pleased to announce the arrival of Violet Kathleen Higham -- our beautiful baby daughter, born August 23 2012," she wrote.

The singer, who hails from the heart of Dublin's Liberties, kept up her touring schedule until late in her pregnancy and performed at an outdoor festival in late June.

She was a major hit during 'The Late Late Show' 50th anniversary celebrat-ions earlier in the summer where she showed off her baby bump in a green dress.

- Louise Hogan

 I am sure, Violet will be a rock'n'roll baby! :)


  1. I saw into her facebook page that she had her baby <3 congratulations to Imelda!

    Lorena, you have another award on my blog! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I am very happy winning yours!:)

  2. Esta estupenda, imelda. Anda que como a la niña le guste Justin bieber...:trollface:

    1. jajajaja pues puede ser,sobre todo en la adolescencia, que hay una época en la que los niños piensan que las madres no se enteran de nada, si encima es su madre Imelda,no te quiero ni contar, posters de Justin Bieber por doquier xD