Monday, July 23, 2012


Today, I would like to express my disappointment with modern remixes. I really hate them. When the summer comes, some bands or DJs make this kind of 'music' and they truly destroy beautiful oldies.
I do love the song 'Why don't you do right?', it is considered a classic woman-blues song. Well, there have been many versions for this one. The best known one is Peggy Lee's version, which was recorded July 27, 1942 in New York with Benny Goodman.
In 2010, the Serbian DJ Marko Milicevic, also known as the dance act Gramophonedzie, remixed this one, as the single 'Why don't you'.
If you can't watch the video, check it out here:
Why don't you (Gramophonedzie)
What the hell is this about? You know my point of view about the song...What about the video? It's a shoddy work, Does the girl try to be Rita Hayworth? :O Judge for yourself.
Another example, it can be the song 'Tu vuò fà l'Americano' by Renato Carosone. Nowadays, this one has been converted into 'We no speak Americano'. As is often said, words are sometimes not needed.


  1. Papanamericano...pipipi...
    Pero lo peor de todo es el electrolatino

  2. Peggi Lee en esta cancó bastante sosa a pesar de a ayuda de Benny Goodman. Gramophonedzie lo revitaliza.