Sunday, July 22, 2012

Be Nice, Be Polite

Yesterday, I bought a second hand book in a bargain bookshop. It is called: 'The Nice Girl's Guide to Good Behaviour' by Monica Redlich.
About the Book
The Nice Girl's Guide to Good Behaviour was first published in England in 1935, a gently satirical guide to being the right sort of girl. Its advice is as useful today as it was seventy years ago.
Monica Redlich advises on how good behaviour can help a girl attend all the desirable events, meet all the right people, and dazzle those around her with her sparkling personality. Following the author's advice the nice girl could obtain everything her heart desires- and in so doing, bring happiness to those around her.
Being good can make all the difference. Nice girls once reigned supreme, and with this essential companion they could again. No modern girl should be without it.
About the Author
Monica Redlich was an English journalist, author and social commentator. She was born in 1909 in Lincolnshire, and brought up in London and the Midlands- her father was Canon Theologian of Leicester. Following her marriage to a Danish diplomat, Sigurd Christensen, in 1937, Monica moved first to Copenhagen, where she remained throughout the war years, and then to New York where her husband became Danish Consul-General. She died in Copenhagen in 1963.
I will post some interesting things that I read in the guide...I am looking forward to reading it :)
Lorena Be-Bop

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