Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No talk, no trouble

It's time for Irish music. But I'm not gonna write about Traditional Irish Music, or the legendary band U2, I dedicated this post to Imelda May

Although I will do a brief review for you, if you are interested in her complete biography, you can read it on her official website.

Imelda Mary Clabby who is professionally known as Imelda May, born and raised in Dublin. She wants to be a 50's girl. That's why she combs her hair and looks like an American pin up. 

She has been singing all her life, first, as a child in a Church Choir, then in different clubs (I guess it was easier for her than others, given that Dublin is famous by its live concerts).

For what I read, her brother had a rockabilly tape and she was listening to Elvis' songs while she grew up. However, she doesn't sing pure rock 'n' roll, either jazz or blues. Imelda gives her personal touch, playing the Irish instrument bodhran in her albums as percussion.

She has rubbed her shoulders with artists like Brian SetzerThe SupremesElvis Costello & Elton John among others. Every day Mrs.May lives together with the Rockabilly Star Darrel Higham, her husband and the guitarist of the band.

The studio albums are three:

- No Turning Back (2002).
- Love Tattoo (2008).
Mayhem (2010).

She enjoys a great popularity, that's why the financial cooperative The Credit Union chose her for its new spot. A funny one where it seems we live in Graceland!.

Imelda May- New Face of the Credit Unions

To finish my post, I would like to include a famous Imelda's quote:

'My husband does not like me to give interviews because I say too much. No talk, no trouble'. I totally agree, I have the same problem, sometimes I speak too much, that's why I decided to write my ideas on a blog, period.


  1. Y por ella hemos bautizado a dos chicas como Imelda & May. Jejeje!