Friday, July 20, 2012

Hungarian Souvenirs

Hello Dear Readers!

Today, I'm posting some special pictures. They are souvenirs from Budapest (Hungary). My parents were there last month and they brought them back.

I am going to write about one of the most famous well-known tourist spots in Budapest: The Central Market Hall which is a must see for a person who enjoys the five senses of the markets: Sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Everything from meat through spices to vegetables is available here.
It was the first of other covered markets to spring up at the turn of the 20th century. This 19th century-style mall provided a location where merchants could sell their wares and customers could shop protected from the weather. It also introduced new regulations to protect consumers. Shopping at the Great Market Hall is a great experience that shouldn't be missed when you visit Budapest. The top floor is crowded with stalls selling souvenirs. The ground floor is where you should go if you want to buy paprika, pastries, chocolates, a light lunch, or Hungarian spirits.
Check out this link, if you want further information:
Now, I'll show you my Hungarian Haul.
Paprika: It's a nice package with a couple of tins, one of them is sweet paprika and the other is spicy. There is a pair of small wooden spoons.
Fruit-chocolate bars: I am pining for them! They look yummy!. The flavours are vanilla-red fruits, almond-strawberry and orange-blackberry.
Earrings: A truly jewel! Check it out: Ferenc Borsics collection
Dior red lip gloss: This is my last treasure, but it's so beautiful that it deserves a future post ;)

Budapest is such a beautiful city, do not hesitate to visit 'Queen of Danube'!

Thanks for reading my little corner, Jó éjszakát!
Lorena Be-Bop


  1. A mí tamb me da pena usar la paprika. Yo tengo unos campesinos de cerámica con un saquito. Pero no quiero abrirlos! JO y mis pendientes son de flores...:okay:

    1. jejeje a mi también me da pena...pero bueno tras las fotos, lo abriré