Tuesday, July 17, 2012

60's Barbie Look (Vol I)

Voilá! This is my first tutorial. I hope that you will understand, I am not a professional makeup artist, I am only a enthusiastic amateur :)
First and foremost, I am grateful to my two sisters. Medea, because she is my cute model and Nata, because she lent me some products to complete the look.
Also, I recommend you this blog
Handmadebymother Blog
I took the next picture from that one. Her author is very kind, she answered me fast when I asked her if I would get her image.
As you can imagine, the look reminds me of a 60's Barbie makeup look: Basically, blue makeup eyes and pink sexy lips.
A smoky eye is the most dramatic look for evening. It's simple just remember to keep layering the color and continue to check until you like the look. The next pictures will show you step-by-step details, specially for somebody who is not too familiarized with cosmetics products. I cheer you up to try it out!
Tip: It needs to use a good black shadow and a right one to light up your eyebrow arch. It has to be matte or slightly satin (or frosted) without glitter. A good one can be MAC Brule Eye shadow.

Step 1: Eye Shadow Primer
Take a little dab on your finger and put it on your two clean eyelids. The primer will help your shadow stay on longer and will bring out the pigments. I have used Too Faced's Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer. 
Step 2: Black Jumbo Eye Pencil
Line the upper lashline with a black matte eye shadow. I have used the Sephora's Jumbo liner 12HR Wear Waterproof (Color 17 Black).
Sephora's Jumbo liner 12HR
Blend it as fast as you can, helping with a firm bristles brush, like Zoeva's 232 Shader, from the lid to the crease.
Zoeva's 232 Shader brush
It is very important don't apply too much product because this kind of jumbo is very pigmented and your eyelid would look too dark.

Step 3: Peacock Blue Eye Shadow
Apply the peacock blue eye shadow with a soft and flexible eye brush. I have used a Spanish brand, that you can find at the supermarket chain called Mercadona: Deliplus Pincel de sombra Pony, it's a very good and cheap brush. One of the most famous brush, for this step, is Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Brush. 
I have applied Too Faced's Cop a Teal on the lid, with little touches from the crease to upper lashline. It's very important don't use too much product in each touch, to avoid pressing the brush down on the lid. To make the eye shadow adherence easier and avoiding marked lines, it's better to apply it carefully, without long horizontal touches.
After that, blend well to soften edges on the crease. I have used Sigma E25 Blending Brush. This step is essential, therefore having a good brush makes it easier.

Step 4: Highlight
I have used Naked2 Palette by Urban Decay for this step.
The browbone is softly highlighted, using the no.55 KET Professional brush.
First with the vanilla matte eye shadow Foxy Naked2 by Urban Decay, and then with the satin cream eye shadow Bootycall Naked2 by Urban Decay.

Step 5: Black liquid eyeliner
Apply the eyeliner in a thick line along the top lashes and lightly along the bottom lashline. I have used Brush Eyes 204 by KIKO Milano with Cake Eye Liner by Kryolan. 
For giving the cake eye liner the creaminess necessary to ensure maximum blendability adherence and hold, I have used Mixing Solution by KIKO Milano. 
The eyeliner application has been intensified with a black eye shadow, specifically Blackout Naked2 by Urban Decay. I have used the Classic Smudge Brush #14 by Sephora. 
To line the upper and lower waterline (it's a paramount step), you should take a black soft, smooth, near-creamy eye pencil like Nailine Lápiz de ojos Khol. 
Two waterlines have been intensified with Blackout Naked2 by Urban Decay eye shadow as well. 

Step 6: Eyes' Details
Then, using a pencil brush like the one by Coastal Scents, dab a coppery eye shadow onto the inner corner of the eyes, to highlight it. Soften and blend well, with the blue area. I have used the eye shadow Half Baked Naked2 by Urban Decay.
The brush 226 Smudger by Zoeva is used to contour the eye, along the upper lashline with the same coppery eye shadow.
The icing on the cake will be a touch of color with Pure Pigment Alluvium by Illamasqua. It’s a metallic medium-blue with a violet-blue tinge and flecks of multicolored shimmer. Gorgeous!
I have used a Spanish brand, that you can find in the supermarket chain called Mercadona: Deliplus Pincel de sombra Marta, it's a flat and stiff bristled eye brush. One of the most famous brush, for this step, is 239 Eye Shader Brush by MAC.
Dip one flat side of your brush into Mixing Solution by KIKO Milano and then into the pigment. Tap your brush over the cap of your pigment to clear away excess powder. Once you have the adequate amount of powder remaining on your brush, press the pigment-covered side of your brush against the eye shadow lid to compact the pigment within the bristles. It's just a touch of colour, so repeat two times if necessary. We are looking for only a bright detail on the lids.

Step 7: Eye Brows and Lashes 
Brows are groomed and lightly filled in using Precision Eyebrow Pencil 01 Brunettes by KIKO Milano.
Brush and keep in place using Eyebrow Designer by KIKO Milano.
Lightly curl lashes, then coat with black mascara. I have used Extra-Volume Collagene by L'oreal. It's a dramatic look, given that the eyes are the windows to the soul, black mascara is swept in two coats on the upper and lower lashes. You can use false lashes in this step too.

Step 8: Concealer
Apply concealer to any red spots and under-eye area. Blend well using a synthetic brush or fingertips. 
I have used FS64 Supracolor by Kryolan for blemishes.
And 576 Supracolor by Kryolan for under-eye area. I do love Kryolan's correctors. This one has a salmon colour. I usually use my finger to apply the corrector on the skin. Don't worry about the salmon colour as it will blend in the eye ring.
Then, I have applied a concealer, 02 Double Wear by Estée Lauder.
Set with silica powder. I have applied Powderflage by Benefit using 228 Crease brush by Zoeva.
To be continued...


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