Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summertime Blues

Summer is here, yes, even in Ireland, we have enjoyed lovely sunny days (unfortunately for a short time). That's why I'll write about a fantastic beauty product: Bronzer.

I don't know what happens in your countries, but here I realized that there is a tan obsession. You can find millions of tan beauty salons while you are walking down the street. You always want what you don't have. Something similar happens in Spain, many girls dye their hair suicide blonde :)

A bronzer is a product for giving your face/body a natural and healthy glow without the damage caused by sun tanning. There are different formats for the bronzers, but the pressed powder one is the most popular because it's super easy to apply. Their colour is suntan/gold and they have a delicate shimmer to provide your skin a light touch.

I have three bronzers:

- Lançôme's Star Bronzer Sun Cherub Compact.

- Too Faced's Peach Leopard Bronzer.

- Benefit's Hoola Bronzer.

I love all of them. In this picture I made some swatches with sunlight and natural light. (From left to right: Star Bronzer Sun Cherub, Peach Leopard Bronzer & Hoola Bronzer).

I have to say that I haven't used Sun Cherub too much because I really love its packaging, I don't want to damage it. It is a bronze XXL powder compact (like a CD sized). On its surface there is an engraved sun disk and beside a little angel. The sun disk, angel's hair and wings have a metallic shimmer: a coppery one on the disk and golden on the angel. Lânçome logo is under cherub's feet, written in roman font. I was disappointed with the shimmer parts: it is only a surface layer, you can see my fingerprint on the sun disk. Anyway, I like the base product a lot, it is very soft with a terracotta colour and fine gold shade. This one was a gift and it was a limited edition :(

Few months ago, I bought Peach Leopard Bronzer. I was looking for a pretty bronzer and I spotted it on a very famous Spanish website.

Check out this video (minutes 6:47-7:24).

It was love at first sight :). As you can see on the picture, it is a mosaic that imitates leopard print. The base product is dark brown powder with fine gold sparkles. At the same time, there are several coral and latte-colored spots that will light up your face. I reckon it is a versatile product as it can be used as a blush, as a bronzer and as a face illuminator when you are tanned. The feel is very soft and creamy, you won't have problems to fade it. This is not a chalky product, therefore I use it for sophisticated makeup and fast good-looking appearance. I really love it and in my wish list is Too Faced's Pink Leopard Bronzer. I am a leopard-a-holic!;)I bought it on the official website. (Prize: $29.00- €23.32 approx- £18.87approx).

Finally, I am going to write about a must-have product that I bought a couple of weeks ago on the website ASOS. And I am talking about Hoola bronzer by Benefit. (Prize: £23.50- €29.03 approx- $36.11 approx).

The packaging is cute: a lovely cardboard box with a little mirror inside. This one has a little brush which is perfect to touch up (it is like a little ITA brush by Nars). It is a versatile product as well because it can be used as a bronzer and as a contour. I normally use it as a contour, because it looks wonderful even on fair skin. It is a matte bronzing powder that won't make you look shiny. The feel is very soft, pigmented and creamy, you won't have problems to fade it.

Next, I'll show you the brushes that I use for these products. Both of them are natural hair makeup brushes.

- #111 Natural foundation by Sephora: I really like it. It is a very soft and woven brush.

- #57 Brush by Ket Proffesional: Well, it is not too bad, it loses some hairs when you are using it:(

To finish, I would like to show you some pictures of Howth. It is a village located at the north of Dublin Bay. It is a very popular area for birdwatching and sailing. Also you can see the seals at its harbour. An amazing destination to visit in summer ;)


  1. No eres la única leoparda, aquí tambien somos muy de leopard print. Estoy ansiosa de la máscara Lash Queen Feline de HR...Muy chula la entrada, lástima lo del Cherub. Se te olvidó decir que has tomado producto del culito del angelote LOL