Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gentlemen don't prefer...

Skinny!...I saw these vintage advertisements on Internet yesterday. Can you imagine seeing a header in a newspaper like these nowadays? My answer is no. The ideal image of the woman has changed strikingly. From Marilyn Monroe in the 50's who was a voluptuous bombshell to Kate Moss in the 90's who was a provocative Lolita.

How much is the diet industry worth?

Americans spend $40 billion a year on weight-loss programs and products. So it is quite difficult to imagine a world when being slim was a complex.
However these advertisements show us anti-skinny trends. I love to see a woman that is proud of her curves. I really do. In my opinion, the curvaceous female is synonymous with perfection. Another reason because I love those Wonder Years.

If you are interested in reading an article about the ideal woman throughout the years, check out this article. It is absolutely grand.


  1. Oye tendrías q hablar de la época dorada del postizo.sujetadores, nalgas, caderas,cabello,pestañas...q te parece?
    (pío pío)