Monday, May 21, 2012

Eddie Rocket's

Do you fancy real Americana fast food? Let's go to the famous Irish restaurant chain: Eddie Rocket's! where you will enjoy a classic American atmosphere. 

The interior design provides you with a classic and comfortable ambiance, they really did a great job decorating and it makes you feel like you stepped back in time to the old fashion time. Two of the most famous 50's movies have been shot in this kind of restaurant. Do you know which they are?

Yes, you are right. They are: Grease & American Graffiti. The night was for the guys who hanged out at a fast food restaurant. They met up and planned where they were going to go later in the night, enjoying a unhealthy but cheap combo: Cheeseburger & Cholocate milkshake.

Yesterday, we had brunch in an Eddie Rocket's. It is quite similar to American Johnny Rockets franchise. It's owned by Rocket Restaurants who opened their first local in Dublin in 1989 and now has 42 locations in Ireland, England, Wales and Spain (Unfortunately only one, in Alicante).

The wait staff is very attentive and friendly, they wear a 50's striped red and white uniform with an apron, a matching hat and trainers. They don't wear the typical car hop outfit, what a pity! but considering that in Dublin, it is nearly always raining, I guess it's not a good idea to run through the corridors in roller skates :)

The food is great, I mean, it is a junk food restaurant, but for a fast food one it is certainly one of the best. Fried pickles, specially onion rings, were the best I have ever tried. You can see the complete menu on the website:

Yesterday we ordered, two sodas, a Slider Basket combo and The Club Sandwich. The last one is quite popular on Facebook because there is a page specially designed for the Eddie Rocket's Management, to avoid this dish from being removed out of the menu. So that was the reason why I ordered it! and It is yummy! so I hope the request has a great success.

The meal came about 15-20 minutes, therefore you have to be a little bit patient. Everything will be prepared the moment you order it.
The Slider Basket is a combo which has a hamburger, a soda and a bowl fries. The hamburger is loaded with grilled bacon, melted cheddar cheese, succulent two slices of Irish beef, two extra onion rings and ED secret sauce. The prize of the combo is €6,50.
The Club Sandwich is seared chicken breast, gently melted cheese, crispy bacon, lush, green lettuce, tomato and smooth mayonnaise. You can choose what type of bread you would like to eat, white or nutty brown bread. It comes with a little bowl of coleslaw. His prize is €7.75.

The interior of the diner is decorated so cute with lots of funny posters and pics that it will keep you entertained until the food arrives. The music, as you can imagine, is 50's - 60's rock' n 'roll hits, so you will eat your hamburger while Elvis' songs such as 'Hound Dog' is on.

I would like to recommend you Eddie Rocket's if you are either a fast food or Rockabilly style lover. Also there is a famous American restaurant chain in Spain. The name is Peggy Sue's

Peggy Sue's website

It has a lovely website style so maybe in Ireland, a restaurant could be opened...but I think, it can do a play on words... what do you think about 'Paddy' Sue's? :) Just Kidding. Anyway, I almost forget to ask you a favor, Could you lend me a coin for the Jukebox? ;)


  1. This place looks amazing!!! Wish they had something like this where I live. Great blog btw :) xoxo

  2. Yes,I truly love this place.
    Thanks for coming love!:)

  3. Oye como mola esta entrada,hay que ver que con lo buena que es la paella lo mal que queda cinematográficamente hablando ;-)

  4. mmm no se quizás en 'abuelo made in spain' o alguna así puede...x)

    1. Un fast food restaurant de cocido,paella,migas con chorizo y huevos con chistorra...como q no.te imaginas a Danny succo trincanose una butifarra con mungetas?jajaja en ves d Grease se llamaría Grase!

    2. jajajajajaja la verdad es que no pegaría nada, para eso ya esta pepito piscinas en los 60 xD

  5. Niña,has visto la peli peggy sue se casó? Es de Nicholas cage y katherine Turner. Bueno si hablamos de paco mtnz Soria yo soy más de....SE ARMÓ EL BELÉN :-D

    1. si!! jajajaja yo también, mas que nada porque yo si que lo armé! :P