Monday, May 28, 2012


I want to express my personal feelings about a trendy topic nowadays: Male Depilation. First and foremost, I wouldn't like to offend anyone because it is only my point of view.
Recently I was on holidays enjoying sunny days on the beach. I was having a sunbathe and many guys were around me, some of them were single, some of them were with their partners  and the rest were family men. Everybody had one thing in common: waxed chest. A Few of them got their legs waxed as well.
I wonder, what is happening? Do they truly do that because they really like it or are they just being carried away by fashion rules?. I think it is ok if you feel more confident that way, but please it doesn't have to be an obligation as not all women like that.
Look at this commercial:
I've never seen anything so stupid! What's wrong? if you are a hairy man, does it mean that you are not tidy enough? so you are a slob hairy man. It is funny, you can compare a man with a pig, but it is said that pigs are one of the cleanest animals in the world.  They just need to moisture their skin, and humans blame them for that. They use mud instead of water, so that is why they have to roll over it.
We don't know the true reasons why men and women remove their body hair but this habit exists from the beginning of the mankind. Although some things have changed, mostly which part of the body we’re removing hair from, the techniques have only been honed a little with technology. If you are interested on the depilation history, you can read it on this website.
Finally, I enjoyed a lot with this funny article, so I will recommend you :)
After that, definitely I can only say..."" , Hurray Hairy men!


  1. ¡Enhorabuena! Esto ya va siendo un Blog "de categoría". ¡Y qué dominio de la lengua de Shakespeare!

    1. Si! y mucho tiene aún que mejorar ;) me alegro que te guste

  2. Jeje "el hombre y el oso cuanto más feo,más hermoso"

    1. así es! ya estoy trabajando otra entrada,para que no te sepa a poco ;)