Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Be-Bop Glasses...or Lashes ;)

I am going to start this post with 'Cat-eye glasses'. I am sure if you are a Grease-a-holic, you will know what kind of glasses I am talking about...Let's watch a video on Youtube...given that a picture is worth a thousand words...and if it's a video, much better :)

Did you see them? Several girls put them on their eyes, even in the movie, Marty, one of the Pink Ladies complains about a little diamond of her glasses felt onto macaroni.

'Cat-eye glasses or sunglasses' are horn-rimmed glasses with flared outer edges where the arms join the frame. They were mainly popular in the 1950's and 1960's among fashionable women. This kind of glasses are catlike because the frame is pronounced and it reminds you of feline eyes features.

'Be-Bop glasses or sunglasses' is Black-American slang for these special fashionable glasses, and as a consequence some brands used it in their ads , specially designed for black people. Music, Be-Bop Jazz, was an influence on fashion.

If you see my personal profile, I said that I will be sharing my makeup looks and the like. My sister, Nata, helped me with the second word in the header, 'Lashes' because we are makeup nerds therefore we love false lashes. Together, we did a little play on words...Welcome to Be-Bop Lashes!!

The next picture is my small collection of Cat-eye glasses...And yours? :)


  1. Hala! Que chulas las gafas.Pero faltan las de leopardito...Las de agatha son semibop,jeje pero las purpurina y los cristalitos le dan un airecillo retro bastante resultón =^.^=

  2. ¡Sí! por eso las incluí en la foto. ¿Que tal el traductor de google? lo he pasado a español...y está fatal jajaja pero no quiero hacer un blog bilingüe porque se hace un poco pesado. Tendré que ponerme manos a la obra con 'Pestañas Be-bop'^^